Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Servicing the Willy’s

An easier day today as no driving in the morning. It was great to get a good nights sleep in Mut and after breakfast we had time on our hands waiting for the two guys to return from Kharga with the permits. Rick seized this as an opportunity to improve the running of the engine on the Willy’s which had deteriorated over the last 30 miles of last night. It appeared the fuel filter was blocked. This was changed for a new one bought locally and as a safety measure Rick fitted an extra one as the fuel is pretty dirty out here. Next it was a carb strip and that too was full of muck. With the fuel and ignition sorted he moved his attention to the inlet valve adjustment. The Willy’s has always popped a bit, but we thought it had been because of the big bore exhaust. Turns out on of the inlet vales was not closing fully. Within a couple of hours it was much healthier and we made the run out here to our first desert camp at a reasonable pace. Thanks Rick.
Pictures show us discussing our route, Rick enjoying getting his hands dirty and a black and white of where we are now.

Seems rather odd to have a 3G signal in the desert but we are not actually far from the nearest town. It will be gone tomorrow as we venture deeper.


  1. Realism! All good LRDG-based movies have scenes where a skilled mechanic fettles the vehicles!

  2. Are the yellow plates on the Jeeps a form of temporary number plates and also how are the condensers performing?

  3. I wonder, did the LRDG have these kind of problems with their jeeps?