Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Tiffin in Cairo

There is now great excitement amongst the eight of us taking part in this unique and ambitious expedition into the remotest areas of Southern Egypt. For the first time in two years of planning we can finally announce that we are definitely GOING! Money has changed hands, Carnets applied for, deposits sent and shipping is in the final stages of being booked. Current favourite is to take both Jeeps to Felixstowe and have them loaded into a container for shipping with Seagoline Ltd, part of the Mearsk shipping group. The RoRo option is a little cheaper, but not enough to merit the lack of security. Agents are ready in Alexandria to grease palms and take care of the myriad paperwork. Last time I drove into Egypt from Libya, I remember having no fewer than 15 pieces of paper including a ‘brass rubbing’ of my chassis number!! Sam Watson, who lives in Cairo, and I will be kicking around in Cairo awaiting Jeep arrival in much the same style as my Grandfather and Grandmother did in the 1920’s as depicted in this rather charming picture of them. I wonder if the cafe still exists.
All for now.