Monday, 2 April 2012

In LRDG Footsteps

Before and after raids on the enemy The LRDG would meet here, Mena House Hotel, for a few swift cocktails to take the edge off. It is an hotel steeped in history and where we too shall be staying on the nights prior to and at the conclusion of our Expedition. The chaos of the mad Gizza traffic is left behind as you pass through the high gates into a delightful garden, then into the hotels where all is cool and the staff are immaculately dressed in white. Mahmoud and I enjoyed a Cappuccino in the lounge yesterday. Very reasonable at 50 Egyptian Pounds (about £5 UK)


  1. I cracked up at this! My silly sense of humour, I know, but might the importance of the Mena House be a shade overshadowed by the two whacking great pyramids in the back garden? (Sorry!!!)

    On another note: cappuccino at £5? Blimey - dearer than Starbucks!

  2. Oh! I missed them. That's for pointing out Af. I'll take a better look next time.

  3. "for a few swift cocktails to take the edge off"
    Now that made me giggle. The image of my dad sipping a cocktail with his little finger stuck out.
    A young lad from Dudley drinking a cocktail, Na!! maybe some of the extra rations of Rum they were allocated.
    They weren't known as "The Pirates of the Desert" for nothing. lol
    It's good to read these snippets of the trip. Thank you.

  4. Hi Pie, We have a couple of bottles of Pussers Rum secreted in the Jeeps. This was what they drank out in the field. 109 proof and 54ยบ alcohol! just hope we can sneak it through customs tomorrow,

  5. Toby
    Crikey!!! with that potency it could pass as your reserve fuel supply. lol
    Have one for the LRDG at some stunning location.