Thursday, 19 April 2012

First finds

Looking back over the last 10 days I shall attempt to condense the many finds and experiences into short, but interesting Blog entries. fresh faced we hit the sand and our first LRDG sites were a six cylinder Cadillac engine and a cairn made of ‘flimsy’s’ - the rather badly designed method used to carry fuel prior to us nicking the jerry can design from the Germans. A rusty engine in bits may not be everybody’s cup of tea, but standing there in the scorching heat it was easy to imagine the physical struggle it must have taken to heave this engine out and maybe replace it with another. The petrol cans are plentiful all over the routes we took. At first they aroused much interest , but after seeing literally hundreds the novelty wore off.
Pictures show the engine, the cans and our early desire to keep the canvas roofs on as we adjusted to the heat.

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