Friday, 6 April 2012

Red tape.

It was a frustrating day yesterday waiting outside the Port Gates to see if we could release the Jeeps from the port. The ship, Cap Harvey, did not dock until late the night before despite various assurances that it woas due in Alexandria on 31st, 2nd, then finally 5th at 06.00 hrs, eventually 22.30 hrs. giving us Thursday to try and retrieve them. Everybody finished early on Thursday in preparation for the ‘weekend’ – Friday.
Needless to say our attempts achieved only partial success. We have the paperwork in place, but if we had managed to get the Jeep out, it would be too late to complete customs. Slightly deflated we headed back to Cairo to be uplifted by meeting the rest of the team, sharing a beer or two and then a marvellous curry here in Mena House.
We are all moved to be in the same Hotel used by Bagnold and the preferred spot for pre and post drinks for the LRDG.
Pictures show; a wise local coping with the sun,Mahmoud frantically working in the minibus, Bob and Jason killing time and the whole group, plus guests Darrell and Sue.


  1. Toby, I know how you feel having been there & done that, the beauracracy is a nightmare! They seem to have an excuse to go home early every day. Best of luck after the weekend but greasing the palms of the port (& customs) bosses does seem to help

  2. The way I see it is that Bagnold would have been pretty happy to spend a couple of extra days drinking lager and eating curry in comfort.....and so should you!! (Wasn't it a good job that 'Customs' didn't exist in 1941!!)