Saturday, 5 May 2012


Apparently the LRDG were not as keen on the Ford 4x4 truck as the Chevrolet of similar size. The Chevy was faster and more frugal on the juice. Perhaps this explains why their wrecks outnumber those of the Chevys. ‘Hardly worth returning for as it’s only a Ford’, would be the cry in the barracks. This one is fairly northerly in the Great Sand Sea, it’s flathead V8 removed and dumped in front of it. maybe an abandoned repair. One for my old pal Affer though. A Champion spark plug that he will no doubt pass comment on. Pictures are; a kite cam shot of the scene, a long shot that shows the nothingness surrounding the wreck and detail shots.


  1. When everything else has turned to Iron Oxide dust, that inulator will still exist!!

    Toby, I am LOVING these photos - the emptiness, the contours of the sand, fantastic!

  2. Allow me to congratulate you for the composition of the four picts, sir!
    Makes the experience nearly complete for any interested.
    And sweet for a bastard who had been there!

  3. Some decent tread still left on the tyres - surprised you didn't have them away.