Monday, 6 February 2012

Security issues

Security of belongings in an open Jeep is not too good, so the Matt Savage Design Team came up with this solution to stop petty theft from both Jeeps whilst parked in Cairo. Once we are out in the desert these will be stored in Siag Travel’s Iveco 4x4 truck, but they should keep things like rucksacks, tools and spare parts pretty safe for the few days driving around Cairo. The thinking behind them is not to make a totally secure compartment, but to give visibility to the items in the Jeep and make them look unappealing and to add a decent obstacle to deter thieves. They fit very well and rely on one padlock for security.


  1. That's pretty cool! Now you could also keep ferrets in the Jeeps. Or chickens.

    If you wanted to.

  2. Damn good idea Affer. I'll order some genuine 1943 varieties!

  3. Well done Matt, great job. Also ideal place to store live chickens for the pot later.