Tuesday, 10 May 2011

A rare find.

I found this last week on a trip around Georgia last week (former USSR one!) Maybe a pre war style desert trip one day? Bagnold used similar on his pioneering trips between the Wars that have inspired so many of us. I think it’s a Model A Ford truck, but I could be wrong. It had no engine, sadly, but I guess any old engine could be adapted to fit.


  1. Ideal for a post-Joad "Grapes of Wrath" trek somewhere....

  2. What's that bleeder next to it? A Renault?

  3. Karl-Gunnar Norén29 June 2011 at 23:00

    Hi Ron,
    car next is most likely a Moskovitj of a 1950s model. The tools for this are the Opel Kadett, 1939, one of the factories that the Russians dismantled and transported to the Soviet Union immediately after the war as war reparations. A bit funny with this particular plant, because the course was owned by General Motors ... (GM earned piquant enough big money of the belligerents on both sides ...)
    The most familiar of these reparations vehicles are BMW motorbike R 71 from 1938 with a sidecar, which I think is still manufactured under the name of Ural. Went with such in Cuba in 1982, a lovely engine sound, I remember ..!

  4. That is a GAZ AA, which is a Russian-built (under license) version of the Ford AA.