Saturday, 13 November 2010

Skidmarks in the Workshop!

The Willys was a runner when bought back in the Summer and we had a tentative run up and down the track back then - slightly hampered by a total lack of brakes and not much in the way of steering. But things are different now. The rebuild is almost complete and the time had come to take it for a test drive. Young Teddy took the first drive. A keen campaigner in the local Autograss Championship, the Jeep would be more of a handful than his Mini, but he drove like a Pro. Next Matt wound it up on the Test Track, before I had a go and brought it back to base, leaving Matt to finish with a flourish! The engine runs beautifully and, fortunately, all the transmission components sound fine. They all have new oil seals and both diffs have been inspected. There are few small issues to attend to, then it will be painted, I’ll get the new seats, tyres and wheels and it will be finished.

For full details of this jeeps intended use go here!

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  1. Have you considered fitting a Checkmate? To stop the Jeeps running into each other in the desert? I know a good source of supply.........